Pearlescent pigments provide Uniquie and charming visual color effect to coatings, plastics, cosmetics, printing etc.


    From powder coatings, paints, plastic coatings, leather coatings,automotive coatings, industrial coatings, seed coatings ect. , Leio pearlescent pigment are suitable for almost all of coatings. It can bring your coating products special and outstanding appearance. The reference usage proportion is 5-15%. For powder coating <2% is recommended.

2.Printing inks

Pringting inks
      Leio pearlescent pigment can be used screen ink, offset ink, gravure ink, flexo ink. Printing products with effect pigment, looks unique and attractive. The recommended adding quantity is 5-15%.



    Plastic industry is one of the most important field we are now serving. Plastic coatings as well as automotive coatings can be given unique color effect with pearlescent pigment from Leio.



    Leio pearlescent pigments are full nontoxic, widely used in decorative cosmetics. The pigments can be used in all types of cosmetic applications, such as eyes shadow,  lip stick, lip balms, lip glosses, eye liners stick, nail polish etc.



    Paint with effect pigment can achieve unique and fascinating color effect, especially for decorative paints and artist paints. By applying Leio pearlescent pigments you will obtain desired color. Leio pearlescent pigments with weather-resistance are suitable for exterior and interior paint. The recommended usage proportion is 5-15%.



    Leio pearlescent pigments can be used for specialty paper and coated paper. Such as wall paper, greeting card, advertisement used paper, name card, cosmetic packing paper etc. They can bring your products interference and distinguished appearance.